If you bought your shoes, and despite correct use and care a defect has appeared, please contact the store immediately to solve the problem.

You have the right to submit a claim to the shop if a product contains any defects within two years from the date of purchase.

During the first 6 months it’s the seller’s obligation to confirm and prove a defect by an expert evaluation, and after 6 months it’s the buyer’s responsibility.

Be sure to keep a check for purchase. Without the purchase check, seller can dissatisfy your claim.

During defect evaluation the customer has the right to:


Receive a free repair or replacement

If repair or replacement is impossible, the customer has the right to receive an amount of money spent on this product or to receive a discount

If the seller does not agree to immediately resolve your claim, you will need to submit the claim to the store in writing, and you should specify:

Date of purchase


Date of the defect occurrence

Claim description


Your solution for this issue


If the shoes had been previously repaired, it must be stated in the claim.


NB! It’s useless to submit a claim if:


Footwear is worn


Footwear was used inappropriately


The defect has occurred due to improper care, and as a result of it the footwear was damaged (burns, cuts, tears, damage from chemicals). In this case, the expertise evaluation can be in disfavour of the consumer.

If you have any questions or misunderstandings, you can resolve the issue by contacting the Consumer Rights Protection Department. The next step to protect your rights would be applying to the Court, since there are problems that even officials from the Consumer Rights Protection Department don't have the right to resolve – for example, when there are two different expert evaluation decisions.

The abovementioned rights apply to the goods, including products ordered by mail, e.g. from catalogues, and also to the cut-price goods. In case of cut-price goods the rights apply only if the price was lowered due to defect and this was known during purchase (product must be marked as defective). Also the claims shall not be considered when buying used goods.