Rider is a 100% Brazilian brand that speaks directly to those who are young at heat and identify with the Brazilians’ relaxed outlook on life.


Rider is for those who take life as it comes and who know that enjoying the journey and its new experiences is better than merely arriving at the destination.


And to keep pace with these people in most stylish and relaxed manner possible, whether at the beach or in the city, by day or by night, at home or out and about, Rider is proudly launching its new collection.



A benchmark of style, good taste and comfort, the Casual line is aimed at versatile and elegant men, who place value on their style in moment of leisure, without giving up comfort.



100% in line with the Brazilian lifestyle, aimed at people who lead easy-going lives whith joi and simplicity.



Perfect for those who are on the move. Ideal for use after work out, these sandals include everything from cushioning to greater breathability. All this without forgetting desing, of course.


Differentials like these are what mike Rider such a huge success for Grendene, the larges footwear company in Brazil and one of the biggest in the world. Its recognition is not only based on its capacity to produce 200 million pairs in year. Grendene also invest in social and environmental responsibility, reusing 100% of its PVC waste.








Versatility: eterrnal inspiration of Ipanema sandals


Carrying the name of one of the best known district around the world in its DNA, Ipanema, in each collection, gives a new meaning to the world versatility – whether in a new model, a new pattern or another partnership with a major name of the fashion universe.

Comfort, exclusivity and concept come together at the feet of women who seek to provide identy for them.

Ipanema is a beach-inspired brand that is always reinventing itself in pursuit of delivering diversity of styles and designs that make sandals a fashion accessory for consumers.


Following its own steps, which combine technology and style, Ipanema launches its new 2012 collection inspired by a mix of romanticism and ethnicity, both drawn from the 70s.

Flowers in tropical colors and stripers are printed as if they ware drawn by hand. Foliage and animal print, inspired by Morocco, come intro harmony with gloss and metallic looks.

Laces and transparencies, inspired by 50s, walk with the same grace in striking colors and opaque shades.


Conquering Brazilian feet and walking new paths worldwide, Ipanema has becom a major brand of Grendene, the larges footwear company in Brazil, presents in 90 countries, with annual production capacity of 200 millon pairs.

Grendene envision the uni9verse of fashon and comfort and maintains a commitmen to social and cultural aspects –by sponsoring major events –and the environment: the company recycles 100% of PVC waste generated at plans.





A combination of romanticism and ethnicity, strong elements from the 70s, is the inspiration behind the new Ipanema Premium collection, which capativates woman with each new launch.


Floral patterns, taken from the butterfly wings, tropical colors and colorful sripes contrast with inspiration coming from Morocco –leaf and animal prints, gloss and casual metallic elements.


The delicacy and lightness of the 50s, with its lacework and transparencies, are also evident. Matt straps are mixed with transparent or metalized straps.


Strong colors and opaque tones gracefully adorn the insoles, providing a touch of sensuality, while small ornaments on the straps add even more value to the products.


Ipanema suits modern women who follow the latest fashion trends, women that want to wear something excusive, charming, versatile and comfortable.


Ipanema is one of the leading brads of Grendene, the largest footwear company in Brazil, presents in over 90 countries and with an annual production capacity of more than 200 millon pairs. Social commitment and sustainability are also an important part of the brand’s philosophy, reusing 100% of the PVC waste generated in the manufacturing process.




Keeping on eye on world trends. Grendene 2012 collection comes out with a lot of personality, featuring attractive colors and details in each of its models. Charming, unique and really versatile propasals perfectly fit the style of every woman.


The collection includes tree themes, exploring the season’s main fashion trends with products that will certainly place all women. The Gipsy trend has ethnic edge, evoking the gipsy spirit trough mixtures of materials and golden trims. Intimita explores the romanticism of lace, brands and soft colors. The Natural Heritage trend reveals the delicateness of flower shapes and sweet tones. Products are enhanced by seductive and vibrant prints.


Grendha collections translate the runway’s conceptual fashion intro very attractive and commercial item. In this way, the brand aims at satisfying its customers by offering product to all kids of styles.


Manufacturing about 200 million pairs a year. Grendene is considered one of the world’s greatest factories in the segment. By exporting the Brazilian beauty and boldness in the from of beautiful products, its has been more and more appreciated throughout the world.